Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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The French Bilingual Association (FBA) of Bellevue partners with Tillicum Middle School to offer bilingual education suited for middle school children with native or near-native abilities in French. We offer 6ème (6th grade), 5ème (7th grade) and 4ème (8th grade) French classes as well as the language portion of the CNED. Our experienced teachers are native French speakers who follow the curriculum established by the French Ministry of Education curriculum. We are supported by the French government program promoting French as a native language (FLAM) and by the French Consulate in San Francisco.

Our classes are held before the start of the Tillicum school day at Tillicum Middle School in Bellevue, WA. Our unique relationship with Tillicum not only gives us high-quality classrooms, but also strengthens our small program, places us within a large, supportive community, and reduces transportation issues of running children to this extra-curricular activity.

We enroll anywhere from 6 to 15 students per class. Students usually come either directly from France or have followed French accredited immersion schools in various other countries. Students may be able to earn high-school credit for completion of FBA courses. Proficiency evaluations are administered on an as-needed basis to ensure that their French language skills are sufficient for success in our program.

Most, but not all, FBA students are fluent in both French and English. The Bellevue School District provides excellent classes and support for English language learners. Students who arrive from France are generally bilingual within two school years.

Students enrolled in another middle school are welcome to attend.



Program for support of French as a native language (FLAM). French bilingual education is developing rapidly throughout the world. About 2 million students are studying in French bilingual programs in 53 countries across all five continents. The development of these French bilingual educational opportunities is a priority for France and for many educational partners who structure and guide this type of education. Starting 2008, FLAM has offered grants to the French Bilingual Association. For more information, visit www.programme-flam.fr or www.diplomatie.gouv.fr

consulate The Consul General from France in San Francisco fully supports our programs. For more information, visit www.consulfrance-sanfrancisco.org

French Bilingual Association is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.

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